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wataclic logo  webWATACLIC wanted to diffuse the culture and the techniques of sustainable water management. WATACLIC was promoted by a pool of public and private organizations involved in the water sector and was co-financed by the European LIFE funding scheme and by the Emilia Romagna Region. WATACLIC organized a number of dissemination activities involving all the stakeholders related to the water sector, aiming to reach the following goals:

  • Water and Law: Inclusion within urban and buildings laws of concepts and rules acting in favour of better water management and of a reduction of water consumption (rainwater harvesting, grey water separation and reuse, sustainable urban runoff, etc.). Dissemination activities addressing the administrations of Municipalities, Provinces, and Regions.
  • Water and Money: Implementation of economic tools aimed to disadvantage an excessive use of potable water. Dissemination activities addressing Water sector authorities, involving Regions.
  • Water and Energy: Dissemination of knowledge to Water Utilities regarding the reduction of water losses and the improvement of energy efficiencies. Dissemination activities addressing Water Utilities.
  • Water and Citizens: Development of effective dissemination campaigns addressing the users of water supply systems, aimed to promote more responsible use of water to improve the energy and water efficiencies (such as water saving devices and washing machines). Dissemination activities addressing local and environmental associations, and citizens.
  • Water and Innovation: Dissemination to plumbers of knowledge regarding sustainable sanitation techniques. Dissemination activities addressing professionals involved in the hydraulic sector of buildings.

IRIDRA was a partner of the proeject and collaborated to the dissemination campaign of Water and Law and Water and Innovation. Morover, IRIDRA participated to the disseminatiove events organized in Greek and Romania. Finally,  IRIDRA organised one of technical visits regarding the use of sustainable water management solutions at the Research centre of Kerakoll.

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IRIDRA's experience in the Wataclic project


Examples of nature-based solutions for sustainable water management promoted by the Wataclic project

wataclic preganziol  web

Rain garden for sustainable drainage and rainwater harvesting system, installed in the residential area of  Preganziol (TR - Italy)

wataclic polvese  web

Constructed wetland for treatment and reuse of greywater of the Youth Hostel sited in Polvese island, on the Trasimeno lake (PG - Italia)

wataclic kerakoll inf trench 1  web

Bioretention system for sustainable drainage of rainwater, Kerakoll research centre (Sassuolo, MO - Italy)

wataclic kerakoll vasche  web

Open water tanks for climatic regulation with harvested rainwater, Kerakoll research centre (Sassuolo, MO - Italy)

Dissemination activities

wataclic information event  web

Dissemination event for the presentation of Wataclic results (courtesy: UNIVERDE -

wataclic cd  web

Cover dissemination CD with the results of the Wataclic project, including the database of proposed technologies for sustainable water management

wataclic kerakoll visit 2  web

Technical visit of sustainable water management solution of the Kerakoll research centre (Sassuolo, MO - Italy)

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Layman's report of Wataclic project


IRIDRA's publication in the Wataclic project

IRIDRA's staff is highlighted in bold.

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